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Shuffle Play

Shuffle Play is a visual and auditiv total-installation, occasionally filled with five dancers, created in a collaboration between visual artist Kaja Haven and Choreographer Hilde Ingeborg Sandvold after initiative from Tim Matiakis/Corpus at the Danish Royal Theatre.


“Shuffle Play is an orange world. It is a surrealistic place, a sump and a melted brain, where the music and idols of new and old popular culture (pop and folk), and the dancers bodies, are broken down into smaller pieces and put together anew through randomised processes, to create a place that will allow us to experience the known in a new way. We`re moving freely in and out of a hormonal and changing synthetic landscape where the wind that rattles the leaves is a silently humming Britney Spears, the smoke machine in the ceiling is a singing waterfall of Justin Bieber, and the small orange hill of grass is a vibrating hybrid between a bass-island, a purring cat, and Cardi B"

With shuffle play we look at who we are, and the symbols and people that help us express belonging. How do we relate, to all the materials we are surrounded by? The work started on initiation from Corpus at The Royal Theatre, Denmark. After a long research and rehearsals, the performances were cancelled due to Corona. I, Hilde I. Sandvold and Kaja Haven, wish to continue looking for a home for the piece, and hope to premiere it som time in 2022. 

Shuffle play is an adopted child on it`s way, and we`re looking much forward to meeting it. 

NB: it`s name might suddenly change!

Since the above written, Kaja and I did a residency at DAVVI in the North of Norway, together with dancer Louella May Hogan. We learned a lot. Read report, here:

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