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Hilde Ingeborg Sandvold, is a Norwegian dance artist, based in Denmark. She got her official education from The Danish National School of Performing Arts. Working as a dancer, she has collaborated with a vast number of choreographers and companies. Her own work consists of a number of shorter solo works, and a couple of company collaborations, performed in different contexts throughout Europe. She also holds workshops, talks, and write texts. A goal in Hildes practice, is to continue to develop her own materials while also participating as a performer and collaborator in others work. This, to ensure deepening of knowledge from more than one point of view.

«I love to move my body, this is how dance got me. What made me stay, was the discovery that through the knowledge of dance, I could understand and enjoy movement in everything. Movement

of thoughts, ideas, sounds, things and bodies. Dance has become a pair of glasses, that I can use to understand and challenge the world, and my view of it. Like a palette with all colors, like a room

where thought and imagination is allowed to be seen as equals to what is often referred to as «the real world», or more precisely, «the shared reality».

With faith in that the thoughts exist in the head, which exists on top of the body. And with faith in, that the toes are also to be blamed, for the ways of our thinking.»

-Hilde I. Sandvold


Hilde is a member of MOMAK, see:

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